narrative space // immersive room installation

people are invited to test this smart home during a personalized session in complete isolation in the show room in Friedrichshain. The only encounters were with the intelligent voice operating system AURA and the AR roommate TOVIAS. The ‘certified’ ambience enhancement technology which operates with special video, light and sound moods gives every guest what he or she needs for his or her optimized relaxation and total recovery from all the burdens of daily life in modern society. 


idea, concept, text, stage, video // Theresa Reiwer

light // David Egger

sound // Kenji Tanaka

AR app // André Selmanagić

logo // Lea Weber-Schäfer

voice // Lilja Löffler

lamp //

the AR app was developed with friendly support by AURORA School for ARtists

SLOW ROOMS got the Mart Stam Award 2019